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Dear Altair shipmate,

To the crew of the USS Altair AKS32, my name Jessica Santos, one of three daughters
of Petty Officer Jacinto “Tito” Santos and Ramona Santos. I regret to inform you
that your shipmate, Tito, left us in August of 2005 from cancer.  While it has been
difficult to write this letter, I feel it is important to let you know how he left us
all. My dad was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. The cancer came from asbestos exposure he
endured from naval ships he was deployed on and/or repaired at naval shipyards. He served
on board your ship from 1959 to 1962. I was very young during the time my dad served in
the navy and I’m currently seeking his military service record to learn more about his
military career.
If anyone wishes to reach to me regarding my dad you are more than welcome to make contact to me.
To the crew of the USS Altair AKS-32, thank you for your time and service to our country.
I am proud to know you all served with my father proudly.

Most sincerely,
Jessica Santos
Email: fly2thesky22 at yahoo.com


ETC Edward M. Douglas - Just before parade time.
26 years in service, 6 trips to the mid east conflict.
This is ET chief , Edward Madigan Douglas, He became a coxswain with release
authority (weapons) when he was deployed to the Persian Gulf after the Cole was
hit. He was in desert storm when we hit Baghdad the first time. At present and
since the USS Cole, he has been with the Inshore Boat Units in New London, CT.,
New Jersey and Norfolk, VA. The Inshore Boat units are relatively new since the
Cole. These are High speed Patrol boats with twin 50 Cal Machine guns mid ship,
a 60 Cal Machine gun forward and twin grenade launchers aft. One more year and
he said that's it, He will put in for retirement.
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A son following his father in the navy. Here he has just made chief.
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A victory hull ship in Tampa FL. along side of a Norwegian cruse liner. Didn't now the Altair was that small.
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