USS Altair Links and PDF files.

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Some USS Altair PDF files.
1944 SS Aberdeen Victory 6.8 MB
1957 Curise Book 17 MB.
1963 - 1965 Altair Handbook 21.1 MB.
Other USS Altair web pages
Richard F. von Alt MA2 1964-1965 - 1964 Resupply video
NavSource Online A USS Altair information page
USS Altair Wikipedia page
USS Altair Remembered by Tomk Planes
www.hullnumber.com HullNumber.com's mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another
www.hullnumber.com/Whats Your Rating Sailor US Navy Rating T-Shirts

Navy and other Supply Ship links

If you live in or will be visiting Tampa, Fl., you might want to check this site, American Victory
If you live in or will be visiting Baltimore, MD., you might want to check this site, SS John Brown
The online home of the U.S. Navy Chief community.  A great site!
A nice site that has lots of information for veterans including VA benefits, careers, etc.
USS Neosho AO-143   Nice web site.
USS Canisteo AO-99   a very nice web site.
USS Alstede AF-48.  A great bulletin board.
Haze Gray & Underway site with lots of Naval history and photography.
Navy League of the United States.   In existence since 1902, the Navy League of the United States is a great organization to which we should all belong.  For further information, please contact Ivan Samuels.  Ivan is the one that got me involved.  They publish a super monthly magazine! Contact him by clicking here.
Navy Source Naval History. This site is the largest U.S. Navy Warship photograph collection on the Internet.  When entering the site, click on "Service Vessel Archives;" then " Cargo Ships - AKS;" then AKS-32 Altair and you will see the Altair patches and a ship view.  Great site!
Navy Facts A site for 'Frequently Asked Questions' of the Navy. History, ratings, Petty Officer Badges, etc..
Kilroy Was Here - Unknown stories and forgotten places. WWII & Korean war Secrets. Unknown stories revealed & places rediscovered Personal stories of combat & home front, legends, Gremlins and foofighters.