Bone, Algeria 1962


I have a few memories of our X.O. L.L.Woodard better known as (The BULL MOOSE). My first encounter of Mr Woodard, I had great admiration for this Fatherly Image. Altair was going into a storm in The Med, the booms were Topped and had to be Cradled. Let me see who with me on the controller deck as i remember it was Red Foley, Frank Langill, George Hansen, and myself. Also a group of seamen from the forward deck division. The spray of the sea was hitting us and all hands were soaked through and through. We finlay were able to Cradle the Booms which was a difficult task for the seas were far from calm, as we finished our task Red, Langill, George and myself were climbing down the ladder from the controller ceck to the winch deck at that time I lit a cigarette and over the P.A. system came this big booming voice which barked out, "Hay You, Hay You, Hay You," we had no idea who the (BULL) was calling to, so we started pointing fingers at one another, as you guessed, it was me, and Woodard Said "Yes YOU. Does Your Mother Know you SMOKE", all had a GOOD laugh for the day and Woodard sent the Working party to sick bay for a touch of Brandy. For medical reasons only, Woodard meet us at sick bay and that was his Way of saying 'Job Well Done'. I don't know about anyone else but for myself I loved him like a Father.

Where ever You Are, I Will always Remember You, Mr Woodward. This is only ONE OF MANY.

Joe Basso