- How I got my nick name. -


It was during a logrep (logistic Replenishment) our ship was steaming at a constant Fifteen knots with two destroyers alongside. We were off loading supplies to both ships, We were a general stores ship which meant we carried everything from razor blades to Candy and smokes. Supplies needed to keep the sixth fleet happy and underway.

I was working with a deck crew by the number three hole starboard side. We had just Received the hook back and were about to attach the third cargo net when the Claxton Alarm sounded and the word was assed for emergency breakaway. I had seen this drill Done many times. The number two man was supposed to hit an emergency quick release Devise with a crowbar (known as a cro baaa to my Bonstonian shipmates) that released the Romeo ships cable allowing it to pull away. This drill was carried out in case of loss of Power or attack. There was too much tension on the wire so the release could not function properly.

I put the cable under my right arm and grabbed it with both hands determined to gain Some slack so the release would work. I was only 5 ft 6 inches and weigh 127 pounds so the Destroyer had no trouble pulling me to the gunwale. I put both feet on the bulwark and Was horizonal with the deck. I watched the other ship move away and the cable getting tighter. I knew I was only seconds from being snatched overboard.

Then a booming voice from the 02 level just above out station yelled “turn the G-D Destroyer loose mighty mouse”. It was out executive officer Commander Woodard loving Known as Bull Moose. The not so quick release had finally worked. I threw the line over The side. The destroyer gave a whup whup signal with her horn and moved faster to her next drill. Boatswains Downs use to say, -War is Hell and so is the Peace time Navy-.

I was from then on, known as mighty mouse. -HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY-