What color to paint - Terry Chatfield


While I was the Deck YN I worked for Lt Furey and CWO Downs. Then when I was transferred to the Personnel Office I worked for Chief Guthrie. Of course we all remember XO CDR Woodward. One amusing incident about CDR Woodward - myself and another Personnelman was at the ladder leading from the main deck (inside the house) to the 2nd Deck our area of responsibility. We were discussing about painting the area, comment was made as to what color the XO wanted the area painted and from the 2nd deck came "I don't care what color you paint it as long as it comes out white" of course this was the XO. When I was the Deck YN, I was talking to LT Furey and he told me that during WWII when he was a enlisted BM him and Captain Colbert served together. Captain Colbert was an ENS then.

Terry F Chatfield, PN1, USN(Ret).