Changing Light Bulbs - Dan Douglas


I recall a time when I was basically a new member of the IC and Electrical group. I was told that since I was the junior member of the team that It was my responsibility to replace a bulb on the yard arm signal lights. We were underway at the time, sun going down and I started to climb the stack and mast to get to the yard arms. Luckily the seas were not too bad but up on the mast it sure looked like we were rolling pretty good. Had no idea that the stack gasses were very lethal, just held my breath as I climbed past the gas from the stack. Finally got to the yard arm and went out, changed the bulb and got the hell out of there. After I got down, I found out that this is only suppose to be done in port after the boilers were shut down. I guess just young and lucky. Wouldn't trade these experiences for anything.

Regards, Dan Douglas